DC Comics last day in New York

I started with DC while they were still at 666 Fifth Ave, saw 1325 Ave. of the Americas and finally 1700 Broadway. I only lived a few miles away, so I was a regular fixture up there. I’d drop off and pick up work, get assignments, go to lunch with editors, eat at the cafeteria with assistants and editorial personal, hang out in the office waiting for folks to finish work so we could go to the movies, etc., etc. 

I was there so often that one staffer actually asked me where my office was. Editorial wondered how I got any work done since I was always in the office. 

One blistering summer, I would go into the office (at 1325) at 8:30AM and do my work in a spare room they had set up for misc production work. Hey, they had AC, I didn’t! 

It’s gonna feel strange going into Manhattan and not be able to drop by and see friends.


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