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While working on an issue of Supergirl, and thought I’d do a quick and dirty iPhone video. There’s still a lot to learn about YouTube, filming, editing, etc., so might as well jump in and get to it! I think that once I get a real video camera the results will be much better. The Supergirl pencils are by Karl Moline.

Update: Got a new camera, and have been testing it out. Bit by bit, one step at a time. So far I’ve done a pair of videos of my work on Bayou Bound. The first one was a bit to far away from the page. The second is much better, but I’ve got to work on my aim. In a few instances my inking was out of the frame. But, I managed to upload the video in HD, so progress is being made. The Bayou Bound pencils are by Kevin West.

Since I’ve decided to continue making inking videos, I’ve added a videos page to the site. It will automatically feature the latest video on my YouTube channel, MarzanTV. I’m excited about this, considering that I’ve never really played with film or video before. It’ll be good to film some  how-tos and talk about inking. All of the videos I’ve done so far are on the video page.

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