The Marzan catalogue raisonné!

I’ve always wanted to compile a complete list of my published works, but work and life (and laziness) has always kept me from doing it. The job itself is so daunting that I would probably never do it. But, the folks at Comics.org has an amazing database of comics, comic creators, etc etc. So the complete (almost) list of my works is there! 895 works! Here’s the link to the chronological works by Jose Marzan Jr.! Still don’t know why the few pages I inked over Steve Ditko on Speedball aren’t listed. Maybe I didn’t get credit in the book… it was late… it was only about 3 pages… and those things use to happen in those days. No credit that is. Here’s the cover to Kickers Inc. #5 I inked over my friend Alex Saviuk way back in 1987!


Yorick Brown and Ampersand

Putting final touches on Yorick Brown and Ampersand (Y: The Last Man) painting for MegaCon. The original drawing (ok sketch) was scanned in , and then the painting was completed in Corel Painter, with a few touches in Photoshop. Giclee prints coming soon.


A.D.D. Reviews!

Lots of reviews for A.D.D. have been coming over the past few weeks! Here are a few!

Huffington Post


Comic Book Resources


and I think Douglas has a few more at his site.


Cropped head

Cropped head Zen Brush sketch.


Star Wars in a minute or two

I was watching Star Wars and Return of the Jedi with my kids the other day, and while they were enjoying the antics of C3PO and R2D2, I did some quickie sketches on the iPad (with Sketchbook Mobile). Nothing fancy. Just traditional minute gesture drawings.





Pardon our dust

As they say, “this area is being refurbished for your future enjoyment”.



AAaggghhh! WordPress themes, templates, widgets, oh my! Change one thing and everything goes blooey! Working on the site…


Nothing new

No painting or other new activities today. Sore throat and generally under the weather. Theraflu and watching Revenge of the Sith (yeah I know…) with the kids was the highlight of the afternoon. Only new thing is testing the WordPress for iPad app and see how it goes… Getting ready for Megacon in two weeks… Paintings sent off to giclee printer, and working on a new painting that if my throat cooperates, hopefully will be done and printed in time! Here’s a painting doodle that was done just to test a few of the iPad painting apps. Not even sure which one(s) I used. Nothing serious, was just seeing how brushes work and resized, tool palette layouts etc. Off to Theraflu and bed!



More Zen Brush

These two Zen Brush for iPhone drawings were done a few months ago, and I just ran across them and thought I’d post them, Simple and quick. Just a few minutes on each. Directness was the name of the game on them.


Megacon 2012!

I’ll be at The Orlando Megacon  Feb. 17th – 19th, 2012! Artist Alley table Brown 10. Orange County Convention Center Hall D, 9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819.

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I’ll have original artwork (Y: The Last Man, Jack of Fables, House of Mystery, etc), books, and new giclee prints for sale! Drop by the table and say “hi!”