MegaCon Black Widow


Black Widow

Here’s a Black Widow sketch I did for a collector at MegaCon back in March.
I think I messed up the Russian spelling of my name. My Russian is oh so bad. I read it oh so slowly. Writing it is worse.


Video Page! MarzanTV!

While working on an issue of Supergirl, and thought I’d do a quick and dirty iPhone video. There’s still a lot to learn about YouTube, filming, editing, etc., so might as well jump in and get to it! I think that once I get a real video camera the results will be much better. The Supergirl pencils are by Karl Moline.

Update: Got a new camera, and have been testing it out. Bit by bit, one step at a time. So far I’ve done a pair of videos of my work on Bayou Bound. The first one was a bit to far away from the page. The second is much better, but I’ve got to work on my aim. In a few instances my inking was out of the frame. But, I managed to upload the video in HD, so progress is being made. The Bayou Bound pencils are by Kevin West.

Since I’ve decided to continue making inking videos, I’ve added a videos page to the site. It will automatically feature the latest video on my YouTube channel, MarzanTV. I’m excited about this, considering that I’ve never really played with film or video before. It’ll be good to film some  how-tos and talk about inking. All of the videos I’ve done so far are on the video page.



I’ve started a YouTube channel! MarzanTV! The idea is to do some how-to videos, and maybe have some discussion about comic art in general. It’s still early and things can change, but that’s the basic idea. While I wait for my camera to arrive, I did a quick and dirty test on my iPhone working on a blueline page printout. The pencils are by Tony Akins. I was more concerned with figuring out YouTube than making a great video. Hoping for better quality in future videos.


HeroesCon Batman sketch

Had a great time at HeroesCon 2014 in Charlotte! Good times spent with friends, pros and fans. Here’s a Commissioned Batman sketch I did at the show for a fan.
Bats has had a rough night



Sadako Sasaki

Commission of Sadako Sasaki for a collector.

Sadako Sasaki



Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt pin-up done for a collector.

Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt!


New pieces – The Flash Painting

Getting around to updating the site with some recent pieces done before MegaCon. A Flash painting done for prints, and two commissions for collectors.

The Flash

Flash painting done in Corel Painter and Photoshop.

Prints available at MegaCon and HeroesCon.




Projects in Progress…

Not really authorized to say much about these projects, but the powers in control released these teaser images, so I’ll promote them as well. Two inking jobs that are very different in tone and style. The first image (pencilled by David Hahn) is from a new series from First Comics called Public Relations. Can’t say much about the other, except that it has a werewolf. They’re still being worked on, and I’m not sure when the books will be released, but stay tuned…

Public Relations Promo Werewolf Promo


JLA Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday seems to be a thing on Facebook and Twitter, so here are two pages from way back when (1990 actually).
JLA #40 pages 24 and 16 with pencils by Adam Hughes and inks by me.

JLA #40 page 24 JLA #40 page 26



Hero Initiative The Uncanny X-Men 100 Project

Sketch on a blank cover Uncanny X-Men #12 for Hero Initiative which will be auctioned on eBay to support Hero Initiative.

Hero Initiative Uncanny X-Men #12

The Hero Initiative is a federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. More information on the organization, their projects, and how you can help can be found here. Other X-Men covers to be auctioned off can be found here.