Back from New York Comic Con

Went up to the New York Comic Con a week ago, and spent lots of time on my feet walking from the main room to artist alley, and back again. Very exhausting. I did catch up with some old friends, and managed to have my friend snap a few pictures of me with some of my friends and collaborators.

The Y: The Last Man team! Brian K. Vaughan, Goran Sudzuka and myself.

Jacks of Fables! The Jack of Fables team! Russ Braun and myself.


Al Rio Superman

A client recently asked me to ink an Al Rio Superman and Lois Lane drawing. The original drawing had Superman and Lois floating with no background of any kind. The owner of the drawing wanted me to ink the drawing, and to add a background of Metropolis to it. Here is the before and after.


Gesture sketch

Gesture drawing done in Zen Brush for iPad.


Head sketch

Here’s a sketch I did in Sketchbook Mobile Pro while waiting to pick up my son from school. Just a searching drawing/painting. Some marks made, and we see where they take us. I like the use of tone with some line work on it. Hardest part is to get those line free flowing and as accurate as possible.


It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since the last post… Can’t say that much has happened. A few jobs, a few commissions, but mostly chasing the kids during the Summer. Have a few new pieces to post, and when the time is right…


Update! No new update! HeroesCon!

Haven’t posted anything in a while… been doing some samples, some commissions (slowly), and brainstorming some ideas for projects. Those things and the kids have kept me form posting…. but posts will come sooner or later! In the meantime, I’ll be at HeroesCon on June 22-24, table AA-513. Drop by and say “hi”.


All Hail HYDRA! And Viper!

After breakfast sketch done in Procreate for iPad. All this talk of The Avengers got me to thinking of “All hail HYDRA! Cut offline limb and two shall take its place!”



The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine!

Here’s a piece I did for a collector at MegaCon a few weeks ago… The collector’s only request was  a drawing of “The Hulk”. Done with brush pen and marker(s).



Playing with ink – Alex Ross Wonder Woman

Here’s something you don’t see or do everyday. Ink Alex Ross pencils! Ok, I didn’t ink the actual pencils, but inked the pencils by lightboxing a xerox of Ross’ pencils (for his Wonder Woman book).  I was cleaning up the studio a bit and found the copy, and thought it would be fun to try to ink it. It was certainly an interesting change of pace and challenge, and I think I’ll try it again! I do have more copies from Ross’ Wonder Woman and Captain (Shazam!) Marvel books…



Late Night ZenBrush Noir

Quick drawing before turning off the lights and going to bed. Something in my mind said “noir”…