Flash Cover Recreation Commissions

Here are two Flash cover recreation commissions I recently did for a client.Cover recreations are available. Inquire here.


Superman Blue

Now On Sale! Superman Blue Vol. 1 When the sun temporarily goes out, Superman temporarily loses his powers…but when they return, they are not what the Man of Steel expects! Clark Kent is suddenly transformed into a being of crackling blue energy, complete with new abilities and a totally new look! And before long, the […]


Infinity Countdown #4

Now on Sale! INFINITY COUNTDOWN #4 Written by Gerry Duggan. Art by Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallott, Jose Marzan Jr., Aaron Kuder. Cover by Nick Bradshaw. Ultron has long wished to take over all there is and replace it with only Ultron…but now armed with an Infinity Stone, he has never been closer to his goal. […]


Batgirl 23

Now on sale! BATGIRL #23 “STRANGE LOOP” finale! Trapped in a prison of her own mind’s making, Batgirl must act out of character in order to reenter reality. Can she put her need to survive above the needs of those she’s sworn to protect? Or is she doomed to wander the mazes of her mind […]


Batgirl Vs. The Riddler

Now on Sale! BATMAN: PRELUDE TO THE WEDDING – BATGIRL VS. THE RIDDLER #1 Written by:Tim Seeley. Art by: Minkyu Jung and Jose Marzan Jr.. Cover by:Rafael Albuquerque On the eve of Batman’s wedding to Catwoman, two of Gotham City’s finest minds clash. In her role as Oracle, Barbara Gordon wired all of her allies together. But when […]


Hellblazer #6 page 2 & 3 pencils and inks.

Here’s an opportunity to see Pia Guerra’s pencils to Hellblazer #6 pages 2 & 3, and my finished inks.


Hellblazer 6

I recently inked Pia Guerra’s pencils for Hellblazer #6! It was just like the old Y: The Last Man days! The script was by Simon Oliver. It’s on sale now. “Where is the Vertigo logo!?!?” She asked nicely.


Jim Lee Superman for Inkwell Awards

I recently inked this piece over Jim Lee pencils (over blueline). This was my first time inking Jim’s pencils, and it was fun and exciting knowing that many other inkers would be inking the same image for a charity auction. It’s for the Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge Spotlight on Jim Lee project sponsored by the […]


Thundercats! Ho!

Thundercats #8 cover (1987). Pencils by me (from layout by John Romita). Inks by Tom Palmer. Why did Palmer sign the piece “J. Thomas”? Not really sure. When I met him (maybe after this cover was done), and introduced myself he mentioned something that he thought Marzan was an alias of Romita’s. I guess he […]


Video Page! MarzanTV!

While working on an issue of Supergirl, and thought I’d do a quick and dirty iPhone video. There’s still a lot to learn about YouTube, filming, editing, etc., so might as well jump in and get to it! I think that once I get a real video camera the results will be much better. The […]



I’ve started a YouTube channel! MarzanTV! The idea is to do some how-to videos, and maybe have some discussion about comic art in general. It’s still early and things can change, but that’s the basic idea. While I wait for my camera to arrive, I did a quick and dirty test on my iPhone working on a […]


Y: The Last Man commission

New ink commissions over Pia Guerra’s pencils of our favorite Y: The Last Man characters! It’s been a few years since I’ve worked with Pia on Y: The Last Man, and it brought back some good memories. I think we did some good work on that series.  


Young girl’s birthday card

A birthday party invitation I did for a friend’s daughter.


Day at the Beach…

A sample ink piece over Ivan Reis pencils.  


Lois and Clark

Cover to Adventures of Superman #525. Pencils by Stuart Immonen.


Pen nibs

Esterbrook and Hunt pen nibs


The Marzan catalogue raisonné!

I’ve always wanted to compile a complete list of my published works, but work and life (and laziness) has always kept me from doing it. The job itself is so daunting that I would probably never do it. But, the folks at has an amazing database of comics, comic creators, etc etc. So the […]