MegaCon Black Widow

Here’s a Black Widow sketch I did for a collector at MegaCon back in March. I think I messed up the Russian spelling of my name. My Russian is oh so bad. I read it oh so slowly. Writing it is worse.


The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine!

Here’s a piece I did for a collector at MegaCon a few weeks ago… The collector’s only request was  a drawing of “The Hulk”. Done with brush pen and marker(s).  


House of Mystery sketch

A young lady came up to my table at MegaCon and asked if I could do a sketch of the House of Mystery. After I made sure that she wanted The House, and not Cain or Fig or somebody else, I set off to work. Not a bad little sketch.Gotta try and find out who […]


Nothing new

No painting or other new activities today. Sore throat and generally under the weather. Theraflu and watching Revenge of the Sith (yeah I know…) with the kids was the highlight of the afternoon. Only new thing is testing the WordPress for iPad app and see how it goes… Getting ready for Megacon in two weeks… […]