The Marzan catalogue raisonné!

I’ve always wanted to compile a complete list of my published works, but work and life (and laziness) has always kept me from doing it. The job itself is so daunting that I would probably never do it. But, the folks at has an amazing database of comics, comic creators, etc etc. So the complete (almost) list of my works is there! 895 works! Here’s the link to the chronological works by Jose Marzan Jr.! Still don’t know why the few pages I inked over Steve Ditko on Speedball aren’t listed. Maybe I didn’t get credit in the book… it was late… it was only about 3 pages… and those things use to happen in those days. No credit that is. Here’s the cover to Kickers Inc. #5 I inked over my friend Alex Saviuk way back in 1987!

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