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I’m jump starting my YouTube channel, MarzanTV! Long ago I started a YouTube channel with an idea of posting comic, comic art, general art and related videos. I posted a few inking videos made on my old phone and GoPro camera and then… Well, life and stuff got in the way, I got distracted by other things, and I never continued it. Now, I’m ready to continue. Phone cameras are better, tech is cheaper and easier to access, so we’re going to give it another try. I have ideas, some decent tech, and even a video or two in progress. A few years ago, YouTube started YouTube Shorts, so with that I’m also jumping into the Shorts. I’m using the shorts basically as an excuse to draw a sketch everyday (in-between my regular work load) and post a short video. YouTube Shorts can’t be more than a minute. Most Shorts are 15-30 seconds and that’s perfect for these quick drawings. My Short videos are already posted in the video link above, but here it is again. My appreciation for everyone who is supporting the videos and the channel.

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