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Supergirl video

Working on an issue of Supergirl, and thought I’d do a quick and dirty iPhone video. There’s still a lot to learn about YouTube, filming, editing, etc., so might as well jump in and get to it! I think that once I get a real video camera the results will be much better. Jose Marzan […]

A YouTube Channel!

I’ve started a YouTube channel! MarzanTV! The idea is to do some how-to videos, and maybe have some discussion about comic art in general. It’s still early and things can change, but that’s the basic idea. While I wait for my camera to arrive, I did a quick and dirty test on my iPhone working on a […]


HeroesCon Batman sketch

Had a great time at HeroesCon 2014 in Charlotte! Good times spent with friends, pros and fans. Here’s a Commissioned Batman sketch I did at the show for a fan. Bats has had a rough night

Sadako Sasaki

Sadako Sasaki

Commission of Sadako Sasaki for a collector.